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In this guide, we’ll provide instructions on finding and using a EFT Roubles compass in Escape from Tarkov. Additionally, we’ll explain how to get the game, where to find the red keycards and extraction points, and share tips on learning maps in the game.

How to Get a Compass in Escape From Tarkov?

There are two ways to get a compass in Escape from Tarkov. Firstly, you can buy one from Jaeger:

Once you get access to Mechanic’s quests, undertake the “Gunsmith Part 1” quest. You will have to find three Elite Pliers, exchange them for a shotgun from the Mechanic, and customize the weapon on Mechanic’s request.

Complete the next quest – “Introduction.” You have to find a note located in the woods, under a wooden construction near a fallen plane. Bring the note to the Mechanic, and you will unlock the Jaeger.

From the menu, visit Jaeger’s store and click the “S” icon Escape from tarkov Roubles for sale to the right from the item list to view special items.

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